(Following is a list of author’s and editor’s errors in The Complete Engraver):

Back cover, line 7 from the bottom, biographical information, should read “clients have included” (past tense) rather than “for clients such as”, see About section in her website, at bottom.

Page 20, Fig. 10 caption, “(London: George Bickham…1883),” should be deleted. Bickham was not the engraver of any of Audobon’s work.

Page 33, before “1792 ” addition of “To help pay for the American Revolution (1775–83), Paul Revere engraved banknotes for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. These were printed on paper from the Liberty Paper Mill, today known as Crane & Co., producers of the paper upon which our United States Currency is made.”

Page 36, Figure 7 is not by John A. Lowell, it should read “Continental Bank Note Company, Lowell was the New England agent for Continental, as the card mentions.”

Page 37, between “1929” and “1939”, addition of “”According to the Federal Trade Commission decision of June 29, 1935: an engraved intaglio plate may be ‘cut or incised by hand, by machine, by etching with acid, by a transfer from other engravings, and by other means.’ In the same ruling, engraving also means the product of printings from such a plate.”

Pages 104 through 107, Fig. 11 and Fig.12 should read “Examples of business letterhead from a sample book of engraved stationery items, ca. 1970s. Noel Martin, Covington, Louisiana.”

Page 198, before “Emboss” addition of  “Etch: an intaglio process in which acid is used to produce the “cut” otherwise performed manually with a graver or burin in the engraving process.”